Bullett Electric

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charge and Go!

More people than ever before are switching over to electric vehicles. Many of them ask the same question, how do I get a charging station in my home, to power my vehicle? We have you covered. Whether it be a residential charging station for a single vehicle or multiple charging stations for a commercial building, count on us to perform a thorough install. 

Our electricians will deliver a comprehensive schedule of what it will take to get you the power you need so you can get on the road fast!

Enviromental Impact

As more people are looking towards owning Electric Vehicles for the benefit they have on the environment, so increases the need to be prepared to service these vehicles with power.

So start standing out today, by attracting top tier clients, tenants, and businesses by showcasing your progressive stance toward a greener future. Contact Bullett Electric today, to get a quote on what it would take to get you the electric charging station that you need, in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Reach out to our team today by calling (801) 553- 8637) for a quote to get you the power you need!