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Heat tape

Heat it Up!

We provide the service of installing only the top tier quality of heat tape on your business as well as your home’s roof, to ensure protection over the winter. When the cold weather rolls in, snow and ice can begin to accumulate on your rooftop. Without prior protection, you are more susceptible to ice dams or an overbearing amount of snow build up which can cause immense damage.

Be prepared, by contacting us to get one of our trustworthy and reliable electricians to deliver an evaluation and a step by step guide, into what it will take to make sure your home or business is fully protected!

With the right protection, you can be sure to save yourself costly repairs that accompany what happens when water leaks through your roof or down into your walls, where disastrous mold can grow and consume your interior. Be ahead of the game by eliminating this worry from your life.

Get Protected Today!

Be sure to reach out to us at (801) 553-8637 and get your roof protected for the upcoming winter season. Don’t let excessive snow build up or snow dams cause damage to your home, totaling in costly repairs!