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Mike Bullett

Mike enjoys interacting with his employees and helping them reach their goals. As a coach for 20 years for both his sons he learned that helping others is what makes him feel complete. 
Mike has worked hard to build the employee culture at Bullett Electric with employees and their families as well as the camaraderie with business owners and their supervisors.
Outside of work Mike enjoys fly fishing with his managers and family. He loves lake fishing at Strawberry in the summer and ice fishing in the winter.

Kevin Hale

General Manager

Kevin enjoys the fact that every day brings something new — a new set of challenges on a new job. He shines in his ability to adapt to new people, new circumstances and new problems to solve. Outside of work he loves spending time outdoors camping, hunting and golfing.

Kory Wardle

Commercial Manager

Kory enjoys the challenges of his job and loves working with great people — both his clients and coworkers. He shines when working with a variety of people with different needs and personalities. After hours he loves to water ski and snowboard with his family.

Trent Brown

Southern Manager

Trent has been with Bullett Electric since 2001. Trent is good with anything that needs extra attention to detail, especially anything custom, specialty  or a project that’s out of the ordinary. He’s always willing to go the extra mile. He is known as “the closer” as he’s the one that wraps things up at the end of a job and makes sure everything is perfect. 

Outside of work Trent enjoys RC car competitions and golf.

Rebecca Brown

Office Manager

Rebecca’s specialty is keeping everything at Bullett Electric running smoothly behind the scenes. She’s detail oriented and shines at solving problems and keeping our numbers straight. After hours she loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Joan Border

HR Manager

Joan enjoys working with the guys at Bullett Electric and interacting with them on a daily basis. She shines while going the extra mile to make sure that every detail of her job is done right. Outside the office she loves mountain biking and skiing.

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