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Electrical Panel Upgrade

(Old Outdated Panel)

Get Upgraded!

Your electrical panel is a vital part of your home, connecting you to power incoming from the city. Electrical panels have a proven rating to last a minimum of at least 20 years in most cases.

If you live in a home that hasn’t had an upgrade to your panel in a 20+ year time frame, then it may be good to evaluate your current electrical panel. Visible signs of damage, poor wiring, high electric bills, or constantly tripping breakers, may all be signs that it might be time for an upgrade.

Stay Safe & Stay Protected

Our residential electrical panel experts are proven fast and efficient to get your upgraded panel install done with a hassle free guarantee. A new panel helps eliminate the risk for possible fires from poor/outdated wiring and provide you protection against possible shock and or electrocution.

We advise any and everyone who may be looking to service their panel, to give us a call for the best possible quote to get the job done. Call today at (801) 553-8637 to schedule a technician to evaluate your panel and begin the upgrade!

(Newly Installed Panel)