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Team Events

We Value Our Team

At Bullett Electric, we aim to provide fun team building events for all our employees and staff members. When you look around, you’ll find a strong support system of qualified and experienced individuals at every level in the company, dedicated to enhancing your work experience daily.

We believe that comradery is the key to a strong foundation in any company. This is why we provide events like golfing, fishing, shooting, axe throwing, and much more. We even have dedicated days throughout the year to bring the group together as whole like our annual Lagoon Day, our Blood Drive, a large Halloween pumpkin carving/costume contest party and our ChristmasBreakfast.

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Annual Blood Drive

About 4 years ago, we began doing our now annual Bullett Electric Blood Drive, where employees as well as friends and family, all come out to show support by donating their time and blood, to those in dire need. Every May 5th, we pay for a local taco truck to come out, where we feed everyone that comes out to donate. We take pride in being able to thank our employees and give back to the community in a positive way.

The blood drive began after Mike Bullett, lost his mother to a struggling fight against cancer. A kind and generous woman with a pleasant aura that followed her wherever she went. Her fight was hard and she was in constant need of new blood to fend off the disease.

Unfortunately she was unable to win this fight. Her legacy will live on however because a light like that is hard to extinguish. The impact she had on others around her and desire to help anyone she encountered will be preserved for as long as time allows. By continually hosting our Annual Blood Drive we aim to see that those fighting against this horrific disease, have the help and support they need.